Gastronomic Tales


Foodie Gifts for Christmas

A jaunty fire dances in the hearth, my playlist is set on carols, and there’s fruitcake and stollen keeping me company. 

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Cuba Diary – Where To Eat

Before I went to Cuba, everyone seemed to share a similar impression: gorgeous country, ghastly food. My experience couldn’t be more different

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Alain L. Gutiérrez Almeida

Cuba Diary — Impressions of Havana

Cuba is on everybody’s lips these days. And I’m not just referring to those inhaling their Cohibas and Bacardis.

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Oryx GT

Feeling Flighty

As a journalist, I’m more accustomed to conducting interviews.  It’s still a pretty strange sensation being on the other side of the Q&A.  But this month I got the fine honour of being featured in the Qatar Airways in-flight magazine.

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The Business of Ice Cream

Egg yolks, cream, milk, and sugar. Four ingredients, cooked into a custard, then churned in an icy chamber. The ensuing result speaks of childhood memories and birthday parties. Of walks in the park and seaside treats. Of comfort food and a balm for the broken hearted.

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Simit: Turkey’s Longtime Love


Simit is nothing less than a 500-year love affair. Turks have been eating this sesame-studded circular bread since the 16th Century.

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Bahrain Diary: 24-Hour Man vs Food

Bahrain – the land of two seas.  Thirty-three islands, 5,000 years of history tracing back to the Dilmun civilisation, and a modern-day gastronomic centre of the Gulf.  Hyperbole much?  Not so.

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Melt Away

When was the last time you tasted something new – and fell in love? 

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One Sweet World: Panna Cotta

The Italians get full credit and my interminable gratitude for inventing some of life’s greatest pleasures: opera, the ballet, and, of course, panna cotta

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Gawking Over Gelatine

Food history is an infinitely mesmerising subject. 

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