Chef’s Dessert Platter at Nozomi

Presenting Nozomi’s dessert platter, a phantasmagoric sculpture of colour and ambrosial delights.

Diners gasp as the dish is transported across the dining room. First there’s the size: at over a metre long, it naturally commands attention.


The composition is striking… ethereal. It’s difficult to initially identify each element in the meticulous arrangement sitting on an ice-filled trough, for they are shrouded in a romantic billow of smoke.

The effect is deliberate, to heighten drama and mystique. Sugar art reminiscent of stained glass provide a backdrop; others are pulled and twisted into an impressionist tree, on which peace cranes similarly moulded from sugar perch. And these are just the supporting acts.


Dive into the signature chocolate fondant made from three kinds of dark chocolate and molten sea salt; a lava cake which rewards with a centre entirely lustrous and luxurious. Or perhaps it’s the ice cream that appeals most. With exotic flavours such as white miso or green tea raspberry ripple, resistance is futile The restaurant shows off its Japanese DNA with a selection of sweet maki. Coconut infused Arborio rice house are rolled with fruit and raspberry jelly then dipped into chocolate.


Lest you think that’s all, don’t forget about the array of fresh fruit. At least a dozen varieties await, ranging from the very exotic (rambutan and passionfruit) to the antioxidant-packed (blueberry and raspberry). The platter is clearly sized for sharing and is priced for it too.  And at QR370, a touch over $100, it really is a celebratory dish – and a showstopper in every sense of the word.




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