Gazpacho at Gordon Ramsay

Here’s a lesson on how to turn soup into an occasion.  Exhibit A is the gazpacho at Gordon Ramsay.  The infusion of tomatoes, garlic, and raspberry comes in a dainty jug to be poured over an even daintier bouquet of ingredients.


Cherry tomatoes, sliced radish, and edible pansies form a wreath of colour that also provide bites of intrigue with each mouthful.  The soup itself has an acidic zing but is rounded off by the creaminess of fresh goat cheese and the sweetness of aged balsamic reduction.  In taste and aesthetics, this dish comes together with the easiness of weekend lunch and the exactitude of a state dinner.


The gazpacho is very much a poster child for the restaurant’s new image.  After years of operating as a fine dining classical cuisine establishment, Gordon Ramsay has reopened taking a more casual approach.  No longer hiding behind closed doors, the dining room is brighter, both in lighting and atmosphere.

Yet it’s the menu that sports the most dramatic changes.  The focus now is decidedly Mediterranean, with items ranging from octopus stew to homemade pasta.  Of course, the touches of gourmet are never far away… expect to encounter select artisanal ingredients, from Amalfi lemon to Riviera olives (both incidentally are part of the sea bass dish that’s steamed in a bag).


You could end the meal with one of the many light desserts: panna cotta, semifreddo, or tiramisu, to name a few.  Better yet, re-live a childhood memory or two with a whimsical milkshake, the most outstanding of which must be the caramel popcorn with banana.


Gordon Ramsay
The St. Regis Doha
4446 0116
Mon-Sat, 6p-11p (closed Sunday)
Gazpacho – QR110

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